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    Chandu Champion

    Runtime 2 hours 23 mins

    Action, Biography, Drama

    A man who faced one adversary after another with an undying spirit. His unwavering zeal and never give up attitude led to India's first individual gol...

    Gaun Aayeko Bato

    Runtime 1 hours 48 mins

    Drama, Social

    Gaun Aayeko Bato” is a moving, insightful drama from director Nabin Subba which revolves around Maila(Dayahang Rai) a basket weaver, his wife Maili (P...


    Runtime 2 hours 18 mins

    Drama, Social

    दईु फरक जातका युवाहरुले आफ्ने रेम स लफल ीरब बाााहम सा ीरब त ीनन क्रम सम सा राजनननतक आन्दोलनम सा लहभाीीत हुनछन र बाााह ीनन लंघष ीछनन ।


    Runtime 2 hours 20 mins

    Comedy, Horror

    A young man's visit to his native village unveils a family secret and a vengeful spirit, the Munjya, who wants to get married. Now the young man must ...

    BATO- Road to death

    Runtime 1 hours 22 mins

    Road- thriller

    A paramedic gets assigned to a mission of delivering a live human heart for transplant in an ambulance where she encounters mysterious people in her j...

    Farki Farki

    Runtime 2 hours 25 mins

    Action, love

    New Movie.


    Runtime 2 hours

    Fantasy, Horror, Mystery

    A young artist gets stranded in an extensive, immaculate forest in western Ireland, where, after finding shelter, she becomes trapped alongside three...

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